Poor Randy’s Almanac #3

Hope is an unstable element.

In the accelerator of life, Experience is smashed into Promise and Truth. In the collision, Experience shatters and what remains is Hope.

Exposed by these infinitely more hard and stable elements, Hope’s existence is observed and confirmed.

But it is unstable and fleeting. Soon, experience re-forms obscuring Hope until Promise and Truth shatter it again.

Hope exists for a short while, sometimes longer. Research has shown, however, that under certain future conditions, it will achieve stability and never more be obscured.

Poor Randy’s Almanac #2

We begin with two axioms (“…a statement or proposition that is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true”):

All boys are stupid and are liars.

All girls are fickle and are cruel.

But then…

A boy meets a girl around whom he can be nothing but honest. With encouragement he pursues her.

The girl is so taken that her fickle heart is steadied into faithfulness and her cruelty melts away into kindness.

This is magic. Something good can be made of this.

Poor Randy’s Almanac #1

Joy is a shy performer.

She brings delight beyond measure to an audience. And yet, she is fearful. If Trouble is anywhere to be found in the theater, she refuses to emerge. She waits for Trouble to leave.

But Trouble never leaves.

But when the audience’s attention is fixed on one other Star, she emerges. Imperceptibly and yet with power, Joy lights up the stage. Trouble is diminished by this Star, and the audience is transformed by the dance of Joy.

As long as the audience attends to the Star, Joy remains.