The Future of Somber and Dull – Part 2

A little over a month ago, I wrote about “The Future of ‘Somber and Dull'”. The title concerned a few of you who were worried that I would be shutting the blog down. Your fears were only partially justified. I do no longer intend to post to this site. It’s been a great run and I will miss the irony and, shall I say the decency, to which that title referred. But in the end, too few caught the allusion and the name generally bred confusion.

So, the time has come for a re-boot. And so though “Somber and Dull” will no longer be updated, I will continue to write. Forthwith (rarely do I get to use that word) I will be posting at For that title lacks in modesty and literary allusion, it gains in clarity.

If you navigate there,  you will find much to be the same. All the posts from my Blogger days and my days are there. Everything. The arrangement of the pages is slightly different, but I think no one will have any trouble finding their way around. If you do, please let me know.

I to soon return to a weekly or bi-weekly posting frequency. Recently, managing the migration has consumed most of my writing time. I’m still tweaking and adjusting the new site and if I know me, I’ll never be completely satisfied. But eventually I’ll leave it be and use my time more profitably.

Some of you subscribe to my posts via an RSS feed. You can continue to do so by simply directing your RSS reader to

Others of you subscribe via email. I am going to attempt to port the email subscriptions from this site to the other. The key word there is ‘attempt’. I have a post that is scheduled to go live early Monday at the new site. If you are an email subscriber and have not received that post in your inbox by Monday morning, that will mean that I failed in the transfer. In that case, the solution is easy. Go to the new site and click on the subscribe button in the sidebar.

I may end up in time simply pointing the URL of this site to the new one so that any attempt to find “Somber and Dull” will lead directly to the new site.

Thanks for all who have stuck with me. I hope to see you ‘on the other side’.