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      1. Adri

        Oh, no. I can’t imagine that happening, Unless perhaps lack of proximity has made great changes in your personality and relationships.

    1. Jason

      The new Star Wars movie has a lot of the feel of the original in 1977, plus a bunch of the same actors playing themselves 40 years later.
      I thoroughly enjoyed it the storyline was pretty good and I will probably go see it again.
      They definitely set it up for another sequel to bring back one of the original characters to save the day once again. 😊

    2. Jason

      Actually, I think we could make our own Star Wars movie with Randy as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Rob could be Luke Skywalker, I would be Hans Solo, we can Put Kedric in a Wookie costume and he could be Chewbacca, you could be Princess Leia, and Brian could be Darth Vader. David Clow would be C-3 PO .😀

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