That’s Puzzling

Two odd posts have appeared on the fallow, neglected ground of Somber and Dull over the past couple of weeks. Posts that seem to have caused a bit of consternation.

Typical of the responses I’ve gotten is this one from a dear friend:

I must be doing something wrong. When I click on the “3” nothing happens. If I click on the URL below your signature, it takes me to the blog post, but nothing happens when I click on the “3”. Usually I can figure these things out but I’m not having much luck and I’d really like to see what you’re up to. 🙂 In a word….. HELP!!!

It’s gratifying that there is interest, and somewhat unsettling that this has been the cause of distress! So, a couple of thoughts here to help ease the angst:

  1. Please don’t try to find any content in these posts beyond the graphics.
  2. Notice that what posted last week was titled ‘4’ and that what was posted this week was titled ‘3’. If you spot any progression, take note of it. Extrapolation is welcome.
  3. Enjoy, if you can, puzzling out the significance of the graphics posted under each head.Red puzzle piece hi But don’t lose sleep over it. It will all become clear soon enough.

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