As a follow up to this week’s post about use and non-use of pen(cil)s and paper, I should say that I am a convert to the yellow pad. Postman’s debate on the matter may have been inconclusive, but I’m somehow now drawn away from my white pad to the yellow pad either because the yellow is easier on the eyes or somehow “cooler”.

Either way, I carry two with me. The larger one I use for composing longish things when I don’t want to or can’t use the computer and a smaller one for taking notes from books I’m reading or jotting down to-do items from meetings.

And, of course, I have dubbed my large yellow pad my ‘yPad’ and my smaller one my ‘yPad mini’. Seems appropriate.

6 thoughts on “yPad

  1. Adri

    So clever; but we’d expect nothing less from you.
    And are your pockets large enough to hold these aids? I need a larger purse calendar than the tiny-squared ones I purchased. But I’m about to have to tote a suitcase with me to hold all my gadgets, gear, and gizmos: iPad and MacBookAir; also PDM, CGM; breath-freshening gum/mints, hard candy for emergencies, juice, crackers; then there are cosmetics, tissues, comb; house key, newer/larger smart phone, two pens because hubby may need one; magnetic name ID badges and fob for meals at this facility. Need carry-all with organized pockets so all doesn’t fall to the bottom of the pit.
    And then I see women with a tiny clutch purse and how I envy them!

    1. Of the many sins of covetousness of which I have been and am guilty, it is safe to say that ‘a tiny clutch purse’ is not among them. And yes, actually, if need be, my yPad mine DOES fit in my pocket.

  2. Eva

    I think I know who converted you! And–as an aside–it has been proven that yellow actually works better as a background when reading or writing. White is a natural camouflage. (Think zebra). 🙂

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