I’ve been both busy and away, so to fill up this space and assure you that I am NOT dead (yet), I decided to paste this screenshot of a series of tweets I posted to Twitter this morning (for you who don’t follow me, @rg7878, on Twitter).

I’ve been reading Pascal’s Pensees and wanted to share what Pascal could have tweeted had Twitter been around in his day.

The screenshot is to be read from the bottom up.

Pascal Tweets


4 thoughts on “Pascal

  1. Sometimes simple statements or a few words are more powerful than a lengthy script. Less is more, but something that does always come easy to those of us prone to in depth conversations.
    Makes me reflect on some of the most powerful statements with very limited words.
    I love you
    I’m sorry
    I forgive you
    I care
    We rarely see them in tweets and most of us don’t speak or write them often enough.

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