Nickel vs. Silver

Nate Silver is the ultra-geek whose statistical analysis last year was successful in predicting the outcome in every state in the 2012 presidential election. But his first love has been sports, and so he has turned his computers in the direction of the NCAA tournament.

It’s pretty impressive, really. He quantifies everything from strength of schedule to pre-season expectations to current injuries. But Nate Silver does not have my nickel.

I’m not going to count the play-in games of the past two nights in the bracket score. However, to whet our appetites for the ensuing battle, note that Silver’s computers generated predictions accurate for 3 of the four games. This beat three of my four brackets (explained here).

Offense: 0 of 4

Defense: 2 of 4

Average: 1 of 4

The one he could not top was my nickel, which matched his success rate of 3 of 4.

Let the games begin.