4 thoughts on “They Love Us?!

  1. Adrianna

    Yes, but look at Loveland’s high for Saturday; it’s not much warmer than that right now where we are. I speak as one who DOES NOT like out current low temps.
    But have fun w/ your guests. Will you be taking them to the beach?

  2. Jenny

    Ha – I did the reverse when I headed to Dayton right after Christmas to visit Sarah Kaye. SNOW-POCALYPSE!! well – it was for me. I mean there were snow plows and everything. At one point Sarah did mutter that I was a “green” but I had fun!

    1. I wouldn’t mind visiting snow-pocalypse (or the recent snow-quester) but I’m kinda glad that I live somewhere people come from out of town to visit. Speaking of which….

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