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As has been noticed, I don’t have much chance to blog these days. The schedule simply does not allow it. I’m sad about that and hope someday to pick the pace up again.

I did, however, want to take a moment to post a couple of notes about books read and being read.

Over twenty-five years ago I read William Manchester’s first two volumes in his biography of Winston Churchill. I reported earlier that I had recently been able to purchase both volumes and was going to reread them.

Then for Christmas I was given the third volume. I was about to skip the first two and read the third, but a friend on Sunday reported that he was re-reading the first two, and so that is what I’ve begun. I’m only 30 pages in, but I am reminded of the depth and interest of Manchester’s writing and of the fascinating subject that Churchill is. When I read some biographies, I get information. When I read Manchester, I get an education.

I’m glad I’m starting over. Reading all three, of course, may be a year-long endeavor!

The other note I wanted to share was one additional bit from Michael Chabon’s Summerland which I mentioned on Monday. His writing in this book at times sparkles. For reasons I can’t fathom, I loved his account of a giant’s temper tantrum. The account runs three pages, which I can’t excerpt here. But a taste:

“He sputtered and raged; he snorted and choked on his own saliva. He threatened punishments and uttered oaths so heinous and foul that even to summarize them here in mildest of terms would curl the very pages of the book you are holding and make your hands and fingertips hum as if they were swarming with bees.”


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  1. Noticed the blogs have slowed down. I certainly hope you won’t abandon them entirely although I can certainly understand the ‘time’ issues. Your blogs have been encouraging and helpful, as well mind stirring. I know the Sanctification blogs helped me a lot as well as the blogs about current life issues that we as Christians need reminding of. Continue to write as time allows and perhaps you can write a blog about time. 🙂

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