Notes about Jobs

I don’t know if I will ever get to post anything substantive regarding the Walter Isaacson bio of Steve Jobs. A superb read, and stimulating for those who lead organizations striving for impact and beauty. Like a church.

Steve jobs book coverOf course, not all the lessons are positive. Some are sober reminders of perspective. Jobs changed our world – about few can that be said – in ways I deeply appreciate. And yet, though he changed the world, I have to wonder: did he ever shoot hoops in the driveway with his son? Makes me reflect on my priorities.

My normal bio and history diet includes dates like 1705 or 1905. I confess it is odd to read a bio that has sentences beginning with “By 2005…” with characters still alive and still functioning in the roles identified in the book. Very odd.

I look forward to discussing this book with others who have read it. (Among others, I’m looking at you JT, the one who insisted I read it.)

5 thoughts on “Notes about Jobs

    1. Oh, my. An 11,400 word essay. And he accuses Isaacson of being rather pedestrian? I’m afraid I could not finish it. I could not quite make out the point he was aiming to substantiate and so did not have the patience to persevere. You will have to summarize his conclusions for me. If he intended to show that Jobs was a festival of contradictions, and Apple in his image, that does come through in the bio. It seems, at least in reading half and skipping to the end, that he does go many steps beyond Isaacson in assessing the hidden impact of our religious/cultic devotion to Apple. But apple won and wins my affection by making things that help me do what I want to do, and are beautiful in the process. I look forward to your 100 word summary of his 11,000 word essay.

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