Starbucks Miles?

Given the promise of a dollar off my next visit, I agreed to complete a short, online, Starbucks “Customer Experience Survey”. I had to chuckle when I came to this screen:


I visit my local Starbucks “occasionally”. So, I sent it to a friend who “occasionally” is there as well and asked her how she thought I should answer the question. Her suggested answers were worth repeating, and will be appreciated by others who “occasionally” frequent their local Starbucks.

A. Lost track

B. You should know because my card is registered.

C. Lets just say I could circle the globe with my ” Starbucks Miles”

D. People thought they were on “Cheers” because everyone called out my name when I entered.

E. Check your manual. My picture is on the front.

Thanks, Holly!


3 thoughts on “Starbucks Miles?

  1. Jenny

    I LOVE HOLLY!!!! Please tell her that I still have such high esteem for her and how much wisdom she imparted to a psycho, terrified, young mommy!

  2. Jenny

    PS – I love seeing “Starbucks Kuwait” come up on my checking account. Hmmmmm I know what Kevin’s been up to.

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