Hail, Caesar!

Sometimes I run through neighborhoods not my own, as I was doing Monday when I met Caesar.

The subdivision in question is about a kilometer or so from my own and is a loop that provides a good alternative to the back and forth of my normal route. Besides, I have friends in that neighborhood whom I like to greet when I see them.

I was about a third of my way into the loop when I was joined in my paces by an energetic chocolate Labrador retriever. I thought for a short time that he was just chasing me out of his yard. But as I went on, so did he. He marked everything in sight, but was still able to keep up with me. It’s a dog thing.

Eventually, it was clear that he was going to go wherever I went. When I made the move to leave the subdivision, he made the turn with me. I didn’t want to lead someone’s dog out of their subdivision and into dangerous traffic, so I turned around intent on retracing the loop until someone would be found to claim him. At one point, I thought he had disappeared, and so I turned to head for the exit, but he reappeared by my side. So, on around the loop I went.

Soon, I heard someone calling a name. Apparently, my new buddy was named Caesar, and he was a wanted dog. But Caesar had no intention of abandoning the fun of running for the confinement of a leash. He was going to have to be duped. I stopped and reached out my hand to him. In response, he stopped, flopped over on his back and waited. I scratched his belly until his human reattached the leash.

The video was taken early in our run, which is embarrassing because I am breathing so heavily. Nevertheless, I give you Caesar.

Caesar, it was fun running with you.