Is That a Geek in That Chair?

Yes, and a lazy one at that.

I began reading Is That a Fish in Your Ear?: Translation and the Meaning of Everything quoted in my previous post while seated at Starbucks. What does one do to access the quotes he wants to share when the only thing within reach is a venti caramel latte (yes, I was splurging)?

Turns out that there is an app for that.

The quotes I shared were lifted from the page using a free app called ImageToText. From within the app I snapped a picture of the text I was interested in. The app converted the image to text and sent it to my Evernote account (also free).

That was Saturday. Today, I opened Evernote on my computer, cut and pasted the converted text, edited out the few idiosyncrasies I would expect from a free OCR app, and pasted the results.

The geek in me feels like the circle is complete. The pragmatist says, ‘This is really useful.’

One thought on “Is That a Geek in That Chair?

  1. How cool is that! I’m geeking out just reading about it. I really, really miss my blackberry and all the good apps on it. (Most US cell/smart phones don’t have sim card slots for use overseas. Ugh.)

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