Garbage Stories

Monday is garbage pick-up day in our neighborhood. Thus, my early morning run allowed me to engage in a crude form of curbside archeology. You can learn a great deal from what people throw away. At least you can imagine you can.

There are whole stories of lives being lived behind the walls of our homes contained in the garbage by the curb. Sometimes this may be the only insight we have.

Your interpretations may differ from mine. If so, I’d love to hear!

+ + + + +

“Hey, kids, I’ve ordered some pizza. We’re going to decorate the new tree tonight.”

IMG 1669

+ + + + +

“Oh my God! It’s Monday already?”

IMG 1670

+ + + + +

“Where are we going to put the tree?? Some of this stuff has to go!”

IMG 1668

+ + + + +

“No, really, Dear. If you let me open it NOW I can use it to make some gifts for the kids.”

“Okay, then. But I get to open the coffee maker, too. Deal?”


IMG 1671

+ + + + +

“I recycle. A lot.”

IMG 1672

+ + + + +

“I thought you said the gate was unlocked!”

“I thought it was! But you weren’t supposed to hit it at full speed!”

IMG 1673

(Sorry for the blur in this one. It was near the end of my run; hands were not stable.”

+ + + + +

It’s a wonderful life. Somber, and at times dull, but orderly. It must be orderly.

IMG 1667

+ + + + +

3 thoughts on “Garbage Stories

  1. ae

    Suggested alternate title for this post: “How to multi-task on your Monday morning run.”
    Enjoyed your archeological findings. Whose is the last one? πŸ˜‰

  2. Jenny

    1st pic – “You this rug really doesn’t match my Christmas decor at all, (and ever since potty training jr, it’s had a funny smell.)” “Is THAT where the smell is coming from?”

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