Sometimes God Knows We Need a Laugh

Sometimes God just knows that we need a laugh. I needed a laugh this morning….

> Forty years ago a book was published.

> A copy recently was spotted in a used book store and perused by just the right person.

> This person wrote about the book on a blog, noticed by a friend of mine.

> She retweeted a notice about that book. The tweet came with appropriate warnings.

> I saw her tweet and following the link and read the blog post. I was supposed to be reading my Bible.

> It was 5:00 AM and all through the house no sound was heard except my suppressed, my poorly suppressed, laughter. I clearly was NOT reading my Bible.

> Poorly suppressed laughter sounds strangely like crying. It could have passed for Bible reading, but fortunately, no one heard.

Sometimes God just knows that we need a laugh. In the intricacies of providence a book published 40 years ago was his vehicle for me, through a bookstore blogger, through a reader and tweeter, and through my innate propensity to follow distractions.

You must read this. But do not do so while sipping anything.

You have been warned.

8 thoughts on “Sometimes God Knows We Need a Laugh

  1. ae

    Being forewarned = no first of the morning coffee spewed onto the computer keyboard and screen. Thanks for the laughs!
    Reminds me of a used book on my shelf: White Trash Cooking (1986), featuring such items as potato chip sandwich, which of course includes mayonnaise; Oozie’s okra omelet; Russian Communist tea cakes; chicken feet and rice; and last but not least Our Lord’s scripture cake: the references are all from the Old Testament.
    Next time we visit, we can share a laugh over the recipes and the full color photographs.

    1. For sure, a great way to start the day. Although I’m not sure about the in-the-dark part. Still. Hope you come back to it time and again for renewed delight. And now, go put a banana on your cereal like I did.

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