158 and Counting

When I get an idea for a blog post, I scribble it down and eventually sketch out a few thoughts as a draft in MarsEdit, a wonderful piece of blogging software. The draft is written with the hope that I’ll eventually flesh it out and get it online. Sadly, though, that often does not happen. Since moving 1½ years ago, time to update the blog has been something rare leading to a substantial backlog.

As it now stands, there are 158 such drafts, dating back to June, 2009, most of which will never ever see the light of day. They address everything this blog was intended to cover – a pastor-eyed view of all of life. Buried there are some real duds which would be better off deleted (give thanks you never had to wade through them!). Some are time related comments whose time has passed. Some though are important thoughts (to me) which may or may not ever be resurrected. In addition to these 158 are several series of posts (on marriage, on knowing God, on the Christian sacraments, on adoption and parenting) which exist elsewhere, some only in my mind.

I may lose readers over the course of time, but this is for sure: I’ll never run out of things to write about.

Whether I have anything worth saying will be for others to judge.

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