Owning It

I’m always impressed when someone who has let his passions get the best of him is willing to own that and confess his wrong. Barry Bales‘ day job is as the bassist Alison Krauss’s band Union Station. In his spare time, among other things, he is a rabid fan of the University of Tennessee athletic teams. He is an active Twitter user (@BarryBales) and likes to have fun tweeting his reactions to the game. Apparently, he was convicted by the nature of his tweets last night, and posted this:

My apologies if I was too harsh toward any particular players during last night’s UT/ALA game. It’s just what we Vol fans (or any other school’s hardcore fans) do. We love and are passionate about the football team/program/school. Therefore we are passionate about winning. We love the Vols and expect them to be able to do great things. Often times forgetting that they are college kids. Students first, athletes second. It’s not cool to be ugly toward college kids for not winning a football game. To be disappointed or even heartbroken, that’s cool. To question coaching staffs or administrators, that’s fine. To throw things at the tv and yell and scream, ok by me. But at least wait til the players are Pros and getting paid millions of dollars before you (or I) get too down on them.
Just wanted to qualify some of last night’s Tweets. Thanks. Go Vols!

There’s character, there. A godly Christian life is not one in which we never fail. It is rather owning our wrong when we do. Thank you, Mr. Bales, for showing us how.