The Gospel, II

Darrin Patrick, Church Planter: The Man, the Message, the Mission summarizes the message of the gospel in this way:

The Facts
– Incarnation
– Sinlessness
– Crucifixion
– Resurrection

The Announcement
– Heralded declaration
* Jesus died for God
* Jesus died for sinners
* Jesus rose again
– Faith response
* Jesus is savior
* Jesus is lord
* Obedience is Christ motivated and empowered
* Identify idols
* Repent and believe the gospel

Best reminder from Patrick’s summary is this, referring to the revelation of Jesus in the Bible:

“Jesus isn’t saying, “Let me show you how to live,” so much as he is saying, “Let me show you why I died.”

One thought on “The Gospel, II

  1. Love that last quote. That speaks to a struggle that I had once with a pastor’s preaching. I finally realized that the issue was that even though he spoke the truth of the Gospel, it was in the context of telling people how to live, rather than why Christ died.

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