Thank You, Dr. Chapell

I was leading a training session yesterday afternoon for a group of seminary students attending our church who were preparing to assume some responsibility in worship leadership. In the course of the training, I commended highly Bryan Chapell‘s Christ-Centered Worship.

After the students noted that the book was among the recommended reading in their worship class at the seminary and Chapell’s Christ-Centered Preaching required for their preaching classes, one of them, our worship team leader, said, “You told me to read the worship book as soon as you got here.”

I didn’t remember doing that, but then another said, “You told me to read a Chapell book last year as well.” (He was referring to Holiness by Grace.)

They all began to wonder if I got a kickback.

I don’t.

But all pastor’s are book pushers. I’m grateful for the good and rich and solid resources God has brought to our lives through Dr. Chapell’s ministry. I happily push them!

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