Out of This World Cool

I had intended to post a much longer piece in anticipation of my next two days, but time has escaped me. So, bullet points will suffice:

> I was selected from a pool of Twitter users (I’m @rg7878, if interested) to participate in a NASA “Tweetup”.

> Thus, tomorrow I will join 150 others in a tour of the Cape Canaveral launch facility and a series of lectures on space exploration and the particular mission set to launch on Thursday.

> On Thursday, then, I return for an up close (I hope!) view of the launch of the Delta II rocket carrying the GRAIL moon orbiters to the moon.

> I’m supposed to tweet about it – I’ll see how that goes. But if I get the chance I’ll return here to report on the experience.

Details can be found at these links:



2 thoughts on “Out of This World Cool

  1. This is very cool! And do you remember David and Amy Lawrence (they were at Tim’s wedding, formerly on NM, now in MD at Johns Hopkins Jet Propulsion Lab)? David works on moon stuff, and I wonder if he has an instrument aboard this rocket. Fun!

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