Judas and Peter

The sermon on Sunday at Covenant Presbyterian in Oviedo will swirl around the issue articulated so well in the quote below. What distinguished Judas and Peter from each other, and from us?

Both had associated with Jesus across the previous years. Both had seen his signs and heard his truth. To both he gave his love and extended his appeal.

In the final hours of Jesus’ mission both abysmally failed him, and abandoned him in the hour of his greatest need. Both grieved Jesus’ heart and added to his pain. The failure of both was spectacularly public. Both are known today around he world for the failures they perpetrated.

One, however, was lost and the other saved. One repented, sought Christ’s mercy, and went to heaven. One, overwhelmed with remorse, turned upon himself, took his own life, and went unforgiven to hell.

The seeds of the failure of both Peter and Judas lie embedded in each of our hearts. We know what it is both to deny Jesus and to betray him. We can only cast ourselves daily on his limitless mercy, knowing that he will not cast away even one of all who come to him, and that not one will be lost of all that the Father has given him (6:37-39).

Bruce Milne, The Message of John, (pages 207, 208)

What distinguishes them is grace alone.


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