Random Demographic Observation

Sunday and Monday gave us a rare opportunity to re-visit the city we lived in for 25 years. It was a delightful visit giving our son his longed-for opportunity to spend some time with the friends he has missed so much, and Barb and I to see a few (only time for a few!) of our own.

Returning to a place where I lived for so long made me notice things I took for granted while living there. As I drove around town, I noticed trailer park after trailer park, as common in Bradenton as palm trees and people who come to a dead stop to turn right. It struck me that I can’t recall seeing any where I now live.

That says something, but I’m not sure what.

One thought on “Random Demographic Observation

  1. There is one road not far from where I live, where — for just a few kilometers — it feels like I’m driving down SR 64 in B’ton. I like that.

    Oddly, it is the only place here that feels like the US in any way to me.

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