Quick Note Regarding Scrivener

Earlier today I made a comment at Justin Taylor’s site praising Scrivener as a tool for sermon preparation and directed people here to find a way to contact me. I was rushed, and so people were left with the impression that I was saying that there was something on the blog here that would answer their questions regarding how I USE Scrivener. Sorry for that!

As much as I’d like to write such a post, I can’t take the time right now. So, I posted a follow-up comment which answered most questions in succinct fashion. But I just noticed that that comment is ‘awaiting moderation’. (Gee – I thought it was pretty moderate to begin with… )

So, while we wait Mr. Taylor’s moderation, I will re-post my comments here. I don’t know why I did not think of that sooner. And some day I want to expand this.

The context involves using Scrivener for sermon preparation. To that end I offered my sermon prep templates to all who wanted them. So, here they are.

If I had time, I’d tell you how I use these – perhaps on my blog at some point. But for now, here are the templates, one for s sermon series (I currently have close to 60 sermons all stored in a single project for my series through John) and the other for a single series. It is great for keeping the sermon research all orderly. And with the clippings feature, when I see something online that will fit a current or upcoming sermon, I clip it and keep it until I need it. I could gush without end. In any event, hope these are helpful. And, for newbies, the Scrivener tutorials are extremely well done and give enough to get one well started.


There you go. Wish it could be prettier! Hope it is helpful to many. Happy to answer questions. Let me know if you are still having trouble.

UPDATE: Okay, those did not work. Instead, download the following, unzip it, and open it in Scrivener. Then if you want to make use of it, chose ‘save as template’. It includes only the sermon series template, but that is what I use most often.


8 thoughts on “Quick Note Regarding Scrivener

  1. Roberto

    I’m sorry. I don’t know what these links are. I copied and pasted into my browser, then it asked me to download something. I did. Clicked on the download and finder said i don’t have anything to open it with (i have scrivener installed on my mac). am i missing something?

  2. Roberto

    I’m lost. finder asks me what program to open with, and scrivener is not listed there as a possibility. are these the templates?

    1. I’m so sorry about the difficulty. But thanks for letting me know. The update in the post should take care of the problem. At least it worked for me. Please let me know if it does for you.

      Hope this is worth your effort.

  3. Roberto

    ah…yes, that worked for me. opened up nicely in scrivener. honestly, i’m such a newbie at this that it is my misunderstanding. so thanks for your patience with me, brother. I will be perusing this for the rest of the day. very excited. thanks for the help.

  4. I –love– scrivener! (Thanks to you, I know about it and use it.)

    Hubby just (re)downloaded the beta windows version today. It is a little frustrating for us non-mac people to have to keep downloading it. . . once it is out of beta and for sale we’ll DEFINITELY be buying it.

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