I have found another Florida Afternoon Run Motivator. Perhaps not pushing for speed, but certainly invites one outside.


However, today was a bit unusual. 85º and 51% humidity is not the norm for Central Florida late afternoons, but it was wonderful today. Of course, it does come with a de-motivator, pictured below.


3 thoughts on “F.A.R.M. II

  1. Beautiful photos! It was 101 with high humidity here yesterday, close to the same today. I am training for my 75 mile bike ride and rode for 5 hours yesterday (2 today). I’m beginning to think that old people taking up energetic sports isn’t such a good idea after all! (AARP has sent me my discount card, so I qualify as old, right?)

  2. A gal in our church just returned from Kansas, where she ran a 50k race. Inconceivable.

    Burn the AARP card. Pretend it does not exist. But accept senior discounts when offered…

  3. Adri

    To Jenifer – and Randy — RAGBRAI is interesting. Being an Iowa gal I can tell you what the acronym means. Have never participated but have seen the cyclists whiz through my hometown on a July 4 weekend a few years ago.

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