I’d really like to return to blogging. I really would. I’ve gotten as far as including on my weekly action list: “Schedule time slot for blogging.” But, alas, I’ve not gotten to that one yet. It will come.

So, here just a quick note on one dull area of my life. My running.

After the 5K run in April, I developed some knee soreness. I laid off the knee for a couple of months and have slowly returned to a regular routine. This was the first full week back at it.

(I’m feeling good enough that I’m fantasizing a 10K run. Someone please talk me out of it.)

The accompanying picture (blurry because snapped while running) is what I have chosen to call a F.A.R.M. That is, a Florida Afternoon Run Motivator.


It very nearly became a Florida Afternoon Run Terminator (the acronym is yours to imagine). I finished just before the lightning and rain.

6 thoughts on “F.A.R.M.

  1. I think you SHOULD go for the 10K! (Sorry, I’m not one to talk you out of it, even though I’m not a runner and won’t be any time soon!). I’m riding one day of the famous RAGBRAI (week long bike ride across Iowa) – 75 miles from Grinnell to Coralville, IA on July 29. Sunday, I experienced an I-A.R.M. Amazing what clouds, thunder and lightening do for your time when a safe, dry place is just over 10 miles away! Congrats on being back to running.

  2. Well, I obviously need a “G.T.B.M.” (get-to-bed-motivator), but I’m on vacation and very little motivates us when we are in such a state. However, contemplating a 10K run means something is going in the right direction for someone. And just to consider that – is moving me toward the stairs. I’m always glad to read your blog, even if its the last thing I do (like tonight). Happy trials, I mean- trails!

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