Best Paragraph on Marriage

Both challenging and encouraging is this from Bill Mills, founder of Leadership Resources International. Most of you have never heard of Bill or of the mission’s organization he founded, but his servant’s heart and passion for grace oozes from this summary of the husband’s and wife’s role in marriage.

“There is no insight that will change a marriage. There is only one thing that will transform our lives together, and that is the heart of a servant. Only the heart of God pouring through us to one another can give life to a relationship. If all of the competition in our marriages was in trying to outdo one another in being each other’s servant, if all of our fights were over the towel and basin — trying to be there first to wash one another’s feet — there is nothing else we would need to learn about marriage. If God would give us the heart of a servant toward one another, our relationships would overflow with His life and His glory.”

This comes from Bill’s book Naked and Unashamed: Recapturing Family Intimacy available here.