Tweeter Virtue

I started my Twitter experience as @rg7878, according to my profile, on October 14, 2008.

Must have been a boring day.

Curiosity mixed with a dose of ADD drove me to sign up. The same keeps me coming back. I recently renewed an exploration of Twitter, at the impetus indirectly of @andejohnson and @frailestthing, and am finding again the problem I’ve found every time: I cannot say ANYTHING worth saying in 140 characters or less.

Brevity is a virtue, the soul of wit, they say. And I’m a big fan of Strunk’s rule #17: Omit needless words. And yet, as with most virtues, this one just seems out of my reach.

But if you still want to follow my aimless wanderings in the Twitter universe, I’d love to have you. It would be tweet of you to follow me.