I’ll Be Dumber

I’m sad. I have benefited a great deal from free digital access to the New York Times over the past several years. However, this was announced via email today:

Today marks a significant transition for The New York Times as we introduce digital subscriptions. It’s an important step that we hope you will see as an investment in The Times, one that will strengthen our ability to provide high-quality journalism to readers around the world and on any platform. The change will primarily affect those who are heavy consumers of the content on our Web site and on mobile applications.

Their decision to move to a paying model is, no doubt, what an ailing news industry has needed. But the end result is that those of limited resources are cut out of the loop. The $60 I would need to pay, annually, is far beyond what I can justify.

I knew this was coming, and was hoping for a pricing strategy similar to what one finds with iPhone apps – a low price offset by huge volume. Here’s hoping that market pressure brings the price down.

Until then, I’ll be dumber.


7 thoughts on “I’ll Be Dumber

  1. Mike

    I hear ya, man. It’s not just news. My beloved Twins have moved all telecasts to a cable only station, eliminating Sunday games on TV via a local station. Guess I’ll be getting some fresh batteries for that old transitior radio. Oh well. At least THIS blog is still free to read! Thank God!!!

  2. Randy, perhaps you should ask loyal readers for donations to help your content stay current and of high quality. I mean, if you stop reading a paper of the Times’ caliber, should we expect the content of your musings to reflect less well researched sources?!

    1. Oooh. Now that’s tempting. But then I’d feel this sense of responsibility. And then I’d worry about offending my contributors. And my content would be diluted. So, I’d better not go that route!

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