Couch to 4K

At the very real risk of boring the majority of you, some of you have asked for updates on my ‘race’ to running fitness. I know it does not seem like much to true ‘jogophiles’, but today I was able to crank out 26 minutes and 44 seconds covering just over 4 kilometers. My ‘spunky lady‘ does not let me walk anymore, so I guess I’ve graduated to the bigs. The next milestone will be the big one.

As for my running partner, his sickness gave him pause to reflect and his conclusion was that running long distances with no one chasing you was just a degree or two over the edge into Crazytown. I’m a soloist from here on in.


3 thoughts on “Couch to 4K

  1. Glad you shared!
    Doesn’t let you walk? Its impressive that you are running the whole thing, Randy! At least, I’m impressed! Glad you shared.

  2. Jeff

    You’re not going to believe this, but I have taken up the challenge. I ran on Saturday and again this morning!

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