Little C, Big P

For those of us who need a break and don’t have a kid readily available, the following counsel is in order:

1. Block out two hours time.
2. Pop some popcorn.
3. Pull the shades, lock the door, turn off the cell phone.
4. Watch either Nanny McPhee or Nanny McPhee Returns.

The precautions in point three may seem extreme, but they are necessary. As a responsible and intellectually serious adult, you would not want anyone to catch you watching, much less enjoying, a kids’ movie without a kid present.

Fortunately, for me, I have a kid so I could dispense with step three and simply enjoy what I have found to be a couple of the most delightful and pleasing “family” movies ever.

Emma Thompson has taken stories from her childhood about a character named Nurse Matilda and crafted movies which are fantastical and magical, fun and entertaining. She has coaxed into participation top tier stars like Colin Firth and Maggie Gyllenhaal to play along with her.

The movies are not out to make a point or drive home some lesson of ‘believe in yourself’ which is the stock theme of movies made for families, making most of them nearly indigestible. Rather, Thompson captures that element that makes the best stories: playful fun.

If you are not an absolutely incorrigible curmudgeon, the movies will make you smile. And isn’t that a good thing, after all?

Oh, and if you don’t want to invoke step three, borrow a kid. He, or she, will love the movie as well.

3 thoughts on “Little C, Big P

  1. Ruth Anne McDowell

    Mercy, what would expect from a besotted Emma Thompson fan?? She is pretty marvelous, isn’t she?

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