Separate Accounts

Here is a great little assessment of the “wisdom” of marriage partners having separate financial accounts. A snippet:

The way I see it, there are no individual expenses; that ended when 130 of our nearest and dearest watched us swear to love, honor and cherish. If Peter had no income at all, he would still need clothes, haircuts, and the occasional night out with friends; likewise with me. That’s one of the things we both signed on to provide the other person. So who cares whose income it comes out of?

My experience with marriages in trouble suggests that her concerns are absolutely correct.

5 thoughts on “Separate Accounts

  1. When asked at wedding showers to write advice for the bride-to-be, I often include this very idea: no separate accounts. The times we have observed this, it is often to the detriment of the couple. The other things on my list include:
    ~Laugh at yourselves
    ~Try to outdo one another in forgiveness
    ~Pray together every day, even if it’s brief
    ~Plan on giving 100% to your marriage, and not tallying up what the other person is giving
    ~Always tithe first
    ~Buy good pots and pans- you’ll never regret it

    I am sure this is a little treat most of the menfolk miss out on…

    1. So, these poor gals go into their relationship trained and properly encouraged, only to run into brutes who can’t laugh at themselves, etc.? What cruelty you are foisting upon them by letting the menfolk miss out.

  2. Susan

    Hi, Randy! Just wanted to tell you that Ed and I miss you and everyone at Covenant. I’m so glad I get to read your blog, but it’s no proper substitute for hearing you in person. Our loss!

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