Woman Crushed to Death in Her Sleep

That’s a headline I’m expecting to see soon. under-the-dome.jpg

Barb is reading Stephen King’s Under the Dome, all 1074 hardcover pages of it, lying in bed. Thus far the only affliction she has suffered has been loss of sleep stemming from an inability to turn the light out.

I’ve thought about getting it for my iPhone Kindle app, but I’m afraid that would make my phone too heavy to carry in my pocket.

2 thoughts on “Woman Crushed to Death in Her Sleep

  1. Adri

    Please, NO! We can’t afford to lose a good friend in such a terrible accident! Is it her own paperback book? Here’s a suggestion: take a razor blade or very sharp knife and cut the book into halves or even smaller parts. Use packing tape to hold the pages in place like a binding. She can even use card stock and her Print Explosion program to design her own new covers.
    Or, if it’s certain the book will not be read again, tear off the pages already read and discard them. I could be wrong, but I believe this was the initial intention of paperbacks.

  2. Alas, paperback it is not. First edition, first printing hard cover.

    And a former librarian suggesting defacing a book. I’m shocked. However, I appreciate the love for the wife!

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