There is a slight problem with anonymity.

It cannot be thanked.

We received in the mail today a Starbucks gift card simply labeled, ‘Thanks.’

It was in an envelope with no return address, and an Orlando postmark. Barb and I puzzled briefly over the handwriting on the envelope, but that led us nowhere. And so we were stuck.

We were stuck with a gift greatly appreciated and with no way to reciprocate with a bare ‘Thank you.’

There is an outside chance that the sender actually reads this blog. That’s not likely, since I know both of you who actually read this, but still….

I guess I’ll never really understand and fully appreciate this grace thing, this underserved and unreciprocated favor that comes always from God and sometimes from his people.


Guess I’ll have to go ponder this over a caramel latte at Starbucks. This time, I’ll make it GRANDE!

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