What Politicians Really Want

Politicians are really quite like us. They argue principle, but they are driven by deeper motives.

Conservatives say they are all about smaller government and LESS government intrusion. Until it comes to issues like defense and immigration. THEN it is okay to spend billions, create a larger bureaucracy, and increase the level of intrusion (as long as it is towards minorities).

Liberals say they are all about a greater role for government in creating the ideal society. Except, of course, in protecting the lives of the unborn or in giving resources and power to the military.

Conservatives and liberals clamor for fiscal responsibility in government. But I’ve not seen it from either party. Both tax and both spend. They only differ on where the taxes fall and where the expenditures are made as they try to reward their constituents with the only resources available to them.

My consolation in a now divided national government is that it will do less harm. But my sadness is that those things which could benefit from some kind of concerted attention will remain unaddressed.