This morning, it seems, has been all about truth. If you want, grab a cup of coffee, sit down, and ponder the realities and ironies of the modern world.

First, Don Sweeting, the President of Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, is attending the Lausanne Congress in Cape Town, and posted this report as a urgent plea for Christians to retain a commitment to truth. He quotes speaker Os Guiness:

“We as followers of Christ must be guardians of truth. Only a high view of truth undergirds our defense of the faith that all truth is God’s truth.”

Then, by contrast, ironically, in an article about atheists holding a similarly themed meeting, one by which they hoped to plot a path for their own ‘reaching the nations’, one fiery participant claimed this:

“The word for people who are neutral about truth is ‘liars.’”

Glad to see that we ‘agree’ on something.

And then, speaking of agreement, I was saddened to read an assessment by David Brooks that I’ve long suspected, that politics does something to a person, is probably true. Truth becomes less precious as it gets bent to serve another end.

Nobody who walks into the valley of our political system emerges unscathed. Today’s political environment encourages narcissism and inflames insecurity. Pols must continually brag about themselves, and Kirk has succumbed. Even with his record, he’s embellished his achievements. He claimed a military award went to him when it really went to the unit he led. He claimed his plane was shot at over Iraq when it wasn’t. He claimed he was a teacher when he was an assistant at the school.

And finally, two articles I have not yet read, but only glanced at, related to the above:

Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science

Truth Lies Here

Pilate asked, “What is truth?” Perhaps as we ask that question more insistently, we will come to the Answer.

Enjoy your coffee.

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  1. Connie

    Thanks for your post! Here is an excellent article by Steven Lawson from “Tabletalk” mag. entitled, ‘What is Truth?’ to add to the list. Blessings!

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