On the Reading Desk: Practice

Yesterday, I outlined my goals for reading – the “whys” behind what I do. Below are the books which currently fill out that outline.


Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout, referred to already here.

The History of the Medieval World by Susan Wise Bauer.


At this point I have tried to link several works which have been sitting on my shelf into something of a ‘Christian Life’ theme. Some will see the threads connecting these works. Thus far, this has been very fruitful.

Theology: The Doctrine of the Christian Life by John Frame.

Practical: Surprised by Hope and After You Believe, both by N. T. Wright.

Professional: God’s Empowering Presence by Gordon Fee and Dynamics of Spiritual Life by Richard Lovelace.

Historical: Calvin by Bruce Gordon.

My categories can be critiqued, but this is just a snapshot and a snapshot does not always catch things perfectly arrayed. I hope to be able to say something about each of these works as the days progress.

It is safe to say that I do not read enough. However, without the plan I have, I would read far less, and be that much more deprived. I’m grateful for then, the encouragement to set forth a plan.

5 thoughts on “On the Reading Desk: Practice

  1. Sounds wonderful to me. I am a slow, plodding reader. And without several things in several categories going at once, in little bites, I would never accomplish anything. I’ll have to post my “reading schedule”. Good idea 🙂

  2. Staci Thomas

    After You Believe is so fabulous. I repeatedly return to it. Glad to see it has made your list. You already know how I feel about Olive and Susan.

    1. Randy Greenwald

      Staci – if you’ve not read Lovelace, put it on your ‘serious’ list. I highly commend it. After You Believe has received positive reviews from some surprising quarters, and so, though I’ve not started it I’m looking forward to it. And thanks for directing me to Olive!

  3. Staci Thomas

    I’ve not read any Lovelace. It’s on my list. Thanks.

    P.S. If you’ve not read Bauer’s latest blog posts about taking her son to Italy and Greece, you should.

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