iPhone Auto-Corrections

Before I had an iPhone, I had read this David Pogue column with some amusement.

Now that I have an iPhone, the amusement is very real.

This morning my wife texted me with a comment about my son whose initials are CJG. Her sentence began, “VHF….”

I was momentarily puzzled, as my older son should have been when I texted him during a recent Rays-Yankees game with a comment about Derek Jeter. The sentence began, “Heterosexual….”

I’m not making this up.

And then yesterday, watching former Rays pitcher Scott Kazmir (nickname ‘Kaz’) load the bases for the Rays, I hopefully (misplaced, as the Rays failed to capitalize) texted my son, “Kaz’s being Kaz” which he would have understood had he not received this message:

“Nazi’s being Kaz.”

2 thoughts on “iPhone Auto-Corrections

  1. Jenny

    I have SO many stories like that.

    Mostly I just sound like an idiot in my text’s to my husband requesting grocery items like:
    fat freeze cheddar
    Pests – instead of Pesto
    Cascade – which is known as a dish detergent faithfully brought home by my husband when I WANTED Cascadia Farms cereal.


    1. Randy Greenwald

      Oh, but what we might be able to do with ‘fat freeze’ cheddar!

      I’ll work up a marketing campaign immediately.

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