Yankee Town

It has been 101 days since we moved from Bradenton, south of Tampa Bay, to Orlando, 150 miles east.

We might as well have moved 1200 miles North.

I have ranted before about the baseball coverage in this area, or its lack. And I wrote yesterday about the general media bias here and throughout the country against the Tampa Bay Rays.

But finally, I have realized the truth. The truth is I have left Rays-ville and moved to Yankee-Town.

My wife and I noticed Tuesday that there was little mention of Monday’s Ray’s win in the paper. A dramatic win capping a supreme pitching duel, which moved the Rays into first-place in the competitive AL east was noted on the bottom of page 6.

That afternoon I picked up a short segment of a local sports talk show host who was seeking to console Yankee fans after their ‘surprising’ loss.

All doubt regarding the sentiments here were removed with this morning’s sports section. The top of the front page is pictured here.


Randy, welcome to Yankee Town.

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[Note: for the record, we are now, according to Google Maps, 93 miles closer to Yankee Stadium than we were in Bradenton. It was 1172. It is now 1079. Perhaps that explains this phenomenon.]

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  1. Adri

    “from Bradenton, south of Tampa Bay, to Orlando, 150 miles west.”

    You better have another look at that google map! 🙂

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