A Discovery…

Like an alcoholic discovers beer.

Like a Trekkie discovers Spock.

Like a sports fan discovers DVR and a remote.

I have made a discovery.

Orlando-ites will understand: I have now a 41¢ credit at BrightLight Books.

BrightLight Books is a used book/dvd/cd store. Many have sung the store’s praises. I have visited the store several times, but I had not, shall we say, inhaled.

Today, I inhaled.

I met a ‘pusher’ who soothingly told me that if I took in, say, a DVD, they would give me $2.50 cash, OR $5.00 store credit. My wife and I scooped up a few random things on our way out the door tonight, and stopped by. We had in short order $21.00 in store credit, and walked out with $20.59 in books.

I still have a 41¢ credit. I must go back.

I have made a discovery.



5 thoughts on “A Discovery…

  1. Adria

    We enjoy a similar placed up here called McKay’s. It is huge and does the same trade in process. I got Isai a bunch of books last time we were there.

  2. Adri

    Please suggest they open a branch in B’ton. Best used books place I know of here is Goodwill on SR 70, but that’s donations, not trade.

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