Settling In, Dos

The church I now pastor, Covenant Presbyterian Church, has, at present, no building. Having no building, means, at this point, having no office. Having no office means the pastor has no study.

So, we improvise.

Currently, my study is an upstairs bedroom which has been configured for this purpose. In a pinch, a full size mattress and box springs can be situated on the floor for guests. But the rest of the time, it is my place for study.

Most of my library remains in boxes. I was able to extract some must have books, however.

It’s not bad, really. I mean, my commute to work is seventeen steps. Can’t beat that!




5 thoughts on “Settling In, Dos

  1. Randy,

    Glad to see you adapting.

    Though I have an office in a building with realtors, airforce, and some other businesses (which is pretty cool), I actually have a study downstairs in my basement as well. Of course, I’ve yet to use it. When I work from home, its usually on our bed! No Starbucks in “The Valley.”

  2. Randy Greenwald

    I could not be called to a place without SBUX. God would not do that to me…. Would he?

  3. Reading this at a Bucks of Starriness as I type. . . and I was thinking, “But, wasn’t Pastor Randy’s office the coffee shop on Cortez Road or SR70?”


    But, I know there is a time for quiet, meditation and study without the buzz of conversation and interruption. . .

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