Settling In, Uno

DSCF0997.JPGA weekly, if not more frequent, question we receive is, “Are you settled in?”

Are we? I’ve determined the standard by which I will be able to answer that question in the affirmative: when I am in the kitchen, and think of an item, and know instinctively which drawer or door to open in which to find that item, we will have settled in.

By that measure, I, at least, am not settled in. And since we are renting, which we have not done for a long, long time, it is harder for me to ‘feel’ settled. But I’m sure that will come as well.

To help those of you who know us but wonder what is up with us, I will string out a series of posts to help you settle in here with us. Stay tuned.

(The picture is of the house which we are now renting.)