Not in Kansas

Barb and I went two weeks without a daily newspaper, but decided that we are still children of a bygone era and like having the physical paper in our hands in the morning.

The subscription started yesterday.

As is habit, I turn to the sports pages to get updates on baseball. Baseball? Not a word about baseball. Not the Rays, not the Yankees, not the Cardinals, not a thing.

Over here they have this thing called the NBA. I’m not sure what that is, but I guess I will have to learn.

Not that I want to be reading about baseball just now. But still. National pastime and all.

2 thoughts on “Not in Kansas

  1. Staci Thomas

    Good thing you have technology…it will fill in the physical paper holes. Speaking of, what are the chances of hearing a Randy Greenwald sermon this Sunday via technology?

  2. Randy Greenwald

    Oh, about 2 to 1, I’d say. Technology has conspired against us for a couple of weeks. Sorry.

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