Where’s the Post Office?

We have been in Oviedo (Orlando), Florida for two weeks. As of this writing, the house which God wonderfully provided has begun to absorb our stuff. Boxes are disappearing and things are showing up in places that make sense. And though I still feel like I am living in someone else’s house, we are beginning to come to grips with the fact that this is home.

That said, a sign that I have yet to really settle in is that I have a package to mail, and I have yet to discover the post office.

Which caused me to reflect on the things that I have and have not found in these two weeks.

What I have found:

  • no straight roads
  • roads that change names in the middle of intersections
  • n42136066818_1301206_5904.jpgroads that do not connect but share the same name
  • chickens that wander freely (an Oviedo ‘landmark’, but examine the picture closely…)
  • and that cooking for three is a lot different than cooking for five (we brought only one child with us, left two and all their friends in Bradenton)

I have found the library, but have not entered it yet. I have found the Sams and the Wal-Mart, which were once one mile from my home and are now 6 or more. I have found the Best Buy. Both of them. Multiple times. (There is a story there.)

We recently found a path through our garage, found our kitchen, and just yesterday, our living room and bedroom. And thanks to the efficiency and generosity of the Seminole County utilities department and the inefficiency of the Greenwald adults not knowing that the other had already ordered recycle bins, we find that we now are the only family in Seminole county with eight recycle bins. We are so green.

Though I still do not know where the post office is to be found, we have found our church to be warm and accepting and full of hope, a church that wonderfully looks like our family and has made us already feel like family.

Tomorrow, though, I look for the post office.

2 thoughts on “Where’s the Post Office?

  1. Jenny

    That photo is great Randy!! I’ve spent the last 5 years muttering about the fact that the city I grew up in had a perfectly gridded city road system with LOGICAL numberings and St vs AVE delineations. ATL is just like Orlando. All the little towns ran together into a BIG city and the roads make NO SENSE!!

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