[This is mirrored here from Somber and Dull’s previous host, Blogger.]


We return to posting in order to announce that we are moving….

“Moving?” you say. “Moving?”

“Randy, we KNOW that you have moved. I mean, that’s the explanation for the spotty posting over the last two months. We get it. You already told us. For goodness sake, if you are going to return to posting, tell us something we don’t already know.”

I hear your protests. But I am telling you something new.

One of the projects that I have wanted to address for well over six months is a move of Somber and Dull from its “Blogger” mooring to a dock in the “WordPress” pool. For some of you that makes no sense, to others of you, you understand why. So, that is what we have done. Same author, same content, different address, and different look.

And (ta-da!) Somber and Dull will now appear with its own domain name. Back in February I posed the question of the most appropriate domain name for a republished blog. Good arguments were given in favor of a couple of different options, and so I decided not to decide between them. Henceforth, both


will take you to the new blog.

This has required some attention on my part. It will require a bit on yours as well, especially if you are using an RSS reader (explanation here), or subscribe by email, to keep up with this blog. You will need to make sure that your reader or email subscription is linked to the new site. I will no longer publish to this location.

Though our location has moved, we will continue to be as somber and dull as ever. I hope you stay with me.

(See – I told you I had something new to say!)