Installation Service

Time is moving faster than I am right now. Following my last Sunday at Hope Presbyterian Church in Bradenton, Florida, we walked with our daughter through her graduation from high school and hosted an open house for her attended by over 60 people.

At the same time, we played host to our son and daughter-in-law who are between residences, and to a friend from Los Angeles. Then for a week, we had the absolute delight of camping a week in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park with family and friends (at the end, 35 people at one point or another).

Immediately thereafter, I took part in the wedding of a dear friend. And NOW we can concentrate on packing up our house to ready it for the move to Oviedo and my new pastorate at Covenant Presbyterian Church.

Warning to parishioners of that church: Your new pastor is functioning right now at about 20% brain energy. Prepare for him to be a bit sluggish upon arrival!

In a presbyterian church, new pastors are installed in a solemn ceremony overseen by representatives of other local churches, that is, by the ‘presbytery’. The installation service represents a new relationship between pastor and church, and for both something of a new beginning. I’m really excited about this, and would love for any who are readers of this blog who happen to be in or near Oviedo to join us for this service.

The service is scheduled for 5:00 PM, Sunday, June 6, and will be held in the chapel of Reformed Theological Seminary (map below). I’m thrilled that most (if not all) of my children will be able to be there and I’m excited by the possibilities that this new opportunity represents. I hope to see many of you.

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