Earning the Right

In A Faith Worth Sharing Jack Miller tells many tales of encounters in which he had the opportunity to share Christ with others. He was, by all accounts, gifted in this and intentional. In rereading his book, I appreciated this assessment:

Some want to rush in and confront others with the gospel without taking the time to build a relationship of trust. Others are wonderful at building relationships, but never take the next step and lovingly confront their friends with the claims of Christ. I have been guilty of both mistakes. This is when we learn what prayer is all about. As we pray, the Holy Spirit gives us what we need: the right combination of love and boldness as we share with others the words of life.


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I just ran across a couple of helpful quick thoughts on evangelism from Justin Taylor to complement the above, both on his blog Between Two Worlds. I encourage you to check out this and this. For some reflection on a contrasting view, see this.