I know that the topic of immigration, legal or otherwise, is a highly charged and emotional issue. I know that people feel very strongly about the matter for many deeply seated personal reasons. I understand that, and do not want anyone to take personally anything I might say about the matter. My concern in this case is not the immigration issue itself. That is a complex issue that politicians tend to avoid because it has no simple answers. My concern is that when those who possess power wield that power in ways that isolate the powerless, the potential for injustice is so great that we should take notice and ponder carefully the implications.

Megan McCardle, a libertarian commentator for the Atlantic Monthly makes the point I want to make very well here. A sample:

If, however, this law could not possibly be passed if it affected the majority, because it’s far too intrusive and would result in a lot of people passing unhappy hours in jail or waiting by the side of the road while the police checked their ID with immigration . . . well, then, it’s probably not something we should be doing to other people, either.

But I encourage the reading of the whole. It’s short.


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  1. With all due respect, the issue here is not our emotional feelings, it is our National Security. Our borders must be secured and the laws concerning immigration must be respected by all. By upholding these laws, this protection is provided on three borders but completely ignored on the Southern Border. This is illegal and threatens our National Security, the laws must be upheld equally for all our borders. This is what Arizona is trying to correct.Paul Der

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