My Friend, the Root Canal

Last week I compared change to visiting the dentist. We never want to visit, but we are always glad that we have.

As if to add emphasis to that thought, at the end of last week I had to see my friend the dentist. He determined that it would be a good idea to meet his friend the endodontist. My new friend the endodontist liked me so much that tomorrow morning he has invited me back to meet his friend the root canal.

I’ve met enough friends this week.


8 thoughts on “My Friend, the Root Canal

  1. Ah, now you are getting to the source of the REAL pain. The RC is followed by a crown to keep the tooth from cracking further. I think it stems from repeated blows to the jaw from my boxing career.

  2. My favorite part is introducing these friends to my 7 and 8 year kiddos. James has two crowns (one on his root canal) and Darby is scheduled for an upcoming root canal. Sigh – amen for military dental insurance.

  3. In spite of the pain to the pocketbook, it is healthier (and cheaper) to save the tooth with a root canal and crown than it is to extract and replace with an implant, bridge or partial. (And I still don't floss enough.)

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