Nearly Complete Lewis Library for Sale

Few know that C. S. Lewis was an accomplished baker who wrote a number of books probing the remote corners of the baker’s art. These books are rare, and treasured in the Christian baking community.

I have been privileged to come in contact with a man who has a nearly complete collection of Lewis’ baking works which I have been authorized to offer for sale. Before posting this to Craig’s List, I thought I’d give readers of Happy and Bright the first crack.

All works in this set are in good condition, with some underlining in pencil. All are paperbacks, but the glue is tight and the spines uncracked.

This set includes:

The Four Loaves

Surprised by Soy

A Yeast Observed

The Problem of Grain

Till We Have Biscuits

The Sourdough Letters

Sourdough Proposes Toast

The Abolition of Manna

Also here, for the children:

The Lion, the Witch, and the Whole-Wheat Waffle

The Voyage of the Dawn Donut

The Last Bagel

and, a rare find, his classic defense of Christian baking:

Mere Crustianity

Bidding will start with the first serious offer.

2 thoughts on “Nearly Complete Lewis Library for Sale

  1. So… you got me. The first time I read this post, I didn't read through the names of the books, just glanced at them. I thought this was real, until I saw Aunt Chris's post on facebook.

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