The Reward for Righteousness

A friend is struggling with a company that is not profitable. The outlook is bleak, and the worries great. This is a person who has always had life turn sour, who has yet been a wonderful person, full of life and faith and a desire to serve others. It’s sad in substance, and it is sad to watch the struggle of faith this has generated.

I was thinking about this as I read 2 Samuel 11 this morning. It occurred to me that the most righteous person in this story is rewarded with an unjust death. David gets the girl, keeps his power, and lives a long life. Uriah dies.

It’s not fair.

At least we all, and my friend, who struggle can realize at some level that we are not alone. Our struggles are not God’s judgment upon us. Often the most righteous suffer the most. Jesus for example.

But Jesus is more than an example. Jesus is the one we cling to. Jesus is the one who assures us that there is reward. He is the one in whom we know that apart from the injustices of life there is a God in whose hands we securely are placed. He has secured that for us. In union with him, on the other side of suffering, there is glory.

I hope my friend can see that.

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